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the story

Al’Idria is a fairy world consisting of six Realms surrounding the Realm Tree; a tree that stretches up to the sky. At the age of sixteen, fairies ascend through the trunk to earn their wings. Those who fail to reach the canopy remain wingless for life. For some, the stakes could not be higher.

With one month to climb the Tree, the young fairies are free to use whatever weapons and magic they have at their disposal as they face magic beasts, dangerous environments, and other fairies on their way to the top. Though magic varies by Realm, every fairy is born with a jewel on their back that lets them control the magic associated with their Realm. Some fairies control water, some can heal wounds, some can vanish into shadow. These powers are as varied and dangerous as the fairies that possess them.

Within the colossal tree in the center of the Six Realms, the teenage fairy Talia Wick takes a trial to earn her wings and prove herself as a fairy without magic.

The Night Realm
The Winter Realm
The Autumn Realm
The Day Realm
The Summer Realm
The Spring Realm
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